Seitan Fix

A quick and easy mix to make your own seitan at home.

This useful mock meat can be expensive bought ready made so this mix is extremely cost effective and easy

Seitan Fix

  • Wheat gluten

    Allergen information : see bold

  • The vegan powder consists of wheat gluten and is ideal for self-production of your own favourite meat substitute with taste guarantee. You can season the powder as you wish. The powder is mixed with vegetable broth and kneaded to a dough before you let it rest for half an hour and then cook in the vegetable broth bath for another half an hour.

    Depending on which recipe comes to your mind, the prepared Seitan can be processed accordingly. Seitan can be cooked, baked and fried. You can marinate it and put it into the oven and conjure delicious "roasts" with it. Also veggie steaks or medallions, nuggets and shreds succeed with the Seitan Fix in no time. There are no limits to your imagination.

    Let your culinary dreams come true. Because vegan does not mean long-term abstention from variety and good taste.