Nutcessity Organic Nut Butter - Chocolate Haz Braz

Delicious and wholesome vegan nut butter variety

No added oil or sugar

High in fibre

Made without peanuts

Great Taste award winner

100% dairy-free and gluten-free

Certified organic and plastic-free


This Chocolate Haz Braz Butter is a delicious blend of raw cacao, hazelnuts and brazil nuts (did the name give it away?). On top of that, the pumpkin and sunflower seeds add a delicious texture that will brighten anyone’s morning.


High in fibre, these all natural ingredients combine together to create a well-balanced vegan chocolate spread that will dazzle your senses.


Deglet Noir dates bring a beautiful sweet flavour without the need for added sugar or oils.


Lightly roasted, slightly sweet and slightly salted, Nutcessity’s Chocolate Haz Braz Nut Butter is a great breakfast food accompaniment. Or, be cheeky and drizzle it on vegan pancakes and desserts!

Nutcessity Organic Nut Butter - Chocolate Haz Braz

  • HAZELNUTS*, Coconut*, Sunflower Seed*, Pumpkin Seed*, BRAZIL NUTS*, Cacao*, Date*, Pink Himalayan Salt.
    *Organic Ingredient.

    Allergen Information:
    May contain traces of other TREE NUTS and SESAME.