Naked Refills opens for in-store shopping on the 12th April!

We are soooooo excited to confirm that our lovely little zero waste refills store will be opening on the 12th April, all ready for you to come in, say hello and choose from our amazing selection of food refills and pre-packaged household and personal products! (subject to no changes to government restrictions).

We've been working really hard behind the scenes to make our shop a safe environment for you to shop in - and so, we've changed 'traditional' refill shopping to accommodate this. When you visit us, you can choose from a plethora of fab refill products - and we'll pick and weigh them for you - popping them into paper bags for you to take home and decant (a lot less heavy them lugging containers around with you - but of course, if you'd rather we decant straight into your containers, we can). Think of our shop like an old-fashioned sweet shop with the jars behind the counter. You choose, we weigh. Less hands over the jars, and you know that we're washing our hands all the time and using gloves... Whilst you're waiting, you can also choose from our pre-packaged range of products - from organic tinned tomatoes, to cruelty-free lavender washing powder - we've got loads for you to choose from.

If you've got a bit of a sweet tooth, don't forget to look at our sweet treats - we have a huge selection of vegan-friendly sweets - from mints to salted caramel fudge, gluten free gummy sweets and of course fizzy gummy mix.... and sooooo much more. Yes, we might have taste tested absolutely everything to ensure they meet our high standards.... We're also super excited about an artisan vegan fudge range that we'll be selling from April- but more on that in a separate post when it's here!

So, pop along and see us - parking is FREE and there's lots of it! Don't be fooled by the map - we are literally minutes from J5 of the M3, and around 20 minutes (or less) drive from Farnborough, Fleet, Basingstoke, Alton, Hook and Odiham!

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