Meet the Team

Meet the absolutely amazing, incredible, customer focused, wonderful Naked Team, shared with you in the medium of each individual's favourite animal (it was just too difficult to share with you in the medium of dance).
If you want to see us in real life, pop into the shop and say hello.....



The Boss - Nat

Everyone who knows Nat will know that she is mad about bulldogs.  Well, any dogs really, but especially bulldogs.... so what better choice than this pic?!  Like those loveable bullies, Nat can be stubborn and might look a bit scary from time to time, but underneath it all she's a big softie...

Nat has rescued many bulldogs over the years, and the current cohort make quite a pack - Lou (12); Lotty (9); and Brian, the one-eyed Frenchie (8).

Nat has 3 grown up 'kids', a husband (make that 4 grown up kids then), and her claim to fame is that her Dad was Scottish figure skating champion in 1950-something.  Oh, and she's won a few national entrepreneur awards, and most recently got awarded her law degree. Standard.  She's determined to take Naked Refills to new heights and show the world how amazing veganism is, and what a positive difference even small changes can make to our world.



Saturday Team - Otto

Our Otto chose a giraffe as his favourite animal, and come to think of it it's a great choice.  Both are tall, elegant and memorable!

Otto's part of our Saturday team - and he was in fact the very first person to come and work for Naked Refills - and you'll find him helping our customers with weighing, packing, product information, and of course whipping up an amazing Biscoff or Oreo shake!

When he's not working with the Saturday team, he enjoys various artistic endeavours in his spare time - from ceramics and graphic design to fashion and textiles.  He has 2 cats, 7 chickens and 2 dogs.

Say hello next time you're in!



Saturday Team - Jasmine

Jasmine chose a free spirited beautiful dolphin for our Meet the Team page, and we think it was a superb choice.  Of course the image is of a dolphin in the wild - the only place they should be - not in tanks!  

As part of our Saturday team, Jasmine helps make sure our customers find what they need, helps them with weighing and packing, and of course, makes fantastic shakes and smoothies!

A talented musician, Jasmine plays double bass in an orchestra.  She has much-loved ducks, chickens and cats!

We can't promise a tune next time you're in, but we can promise a smile and a friendly welcome!


Customer Assistant - Helen

Helen's animal of choice would have to be a cat.  She's grown up with them her entire life and feels that a home isn't a home without one.  Her personality is very similar to that of a cat - she can be quite playful and have a lot of energy, and conversely she's quite happy to chill out in good company.  Helen says she'll be your friend for life if you give her snacks (she's always on the hunt for good snacks)... :)

Outside of the shop, Helen has her own mobile beauty business which she's had for the last 10+ years - and is pretty independent much like her feline counterpart!

Helen's claim to fame is that one time when she was in London for a Christmas treat she was wandering around Harrods (as one does) and bumped into Nicholas Cage!  She was quite surprised that he's not that tall!  Who knew!


Customer Assistant - Ella

Ella has always had a soft spot for rabbits or any furry creature really so what better choice than her rabbit as her pic! 

She has an inside Holland mini lop rabbit ages 1 1/3 years who the whole family loves!  Even her Dad who was against the notion of getting the rabbit at first, but now they are besties... isn't that always the way!

Ella loves meeting all our amazing customers at Naked Refills, but when she's not in the shop she enjoys exploring all the National Trust estates with her friends and family - anything historical really will do, whilst studying to be in the world of events at university.



Customer Assistant - Lee

Lee's favourite mammal is the Orca.  Orcas are both majestic and very clever.  They also hold a spot in his heart from the films Free Willy that he watched as a child.

Lee had many opportunities to see wild orcas off the coast of Vancouver in Canada where he was able to deepen his connection to this majestic animal.

He keeps himself busy when not at Naked Refills by doing meditation, making soap and enjoying walks in nature, bird watching.

His claim to fame is that when backpacking in India he met the Dalai Lama!  It wasn't organised but was a very chance encounter and left Lee awestruck.