Why shop Naked?

Why indeed?  Obviously we're talking about you shopping with us rather than actually shopping in your birthday suit... so here's why you should always go Naked:

Eco-friendly, cruelty-free products. 

We consciously choose eco-friendly, cruelty-free products - both in terms of their content and their packaging.   We don't want single use plastic packaging, and we don't want anything that contains animal products or has been tested on animals.  Let's make the world a kinder place.

Competitive prices. 

Buying from a major supermarket doesn't necessarily mean you're getting the best prices.  We're proudly small, proudly agile, and have much lower overheads.  We don't waste our money on fancy schmancy OTT packaging for base refill products - good, old-fashioned food-grade paper bags do the job just as well.  This means we can pass savings onto you.

You're supporting a small UK business

"When you buy from a small business, an actual person does a little happy dance".


As we said, we're a proudly small, proudly agile small business.  When you buy from us, it makes a real difference.  You're not lining the pockets of thousands of faceless shareholders or increasing the bank balance of a multi-gazillionaire...you're helping us create an amazing business that actually makes a difference to your life, our lives, and to the planet.  

How good does that feel? (plus we do actually do a little happy dance).

Hassle-free refill shopping. 

Change your shopping habits to refills - better for the environment and often better for your pocket.  You can shop with us in three different ways: 


1. From the 12th April, we'll be opening our store for in-person shopping - so why not pop along and choose from an exciting and varied range of products.  There's loads of FREE parking, and we're only 5-10 minutes from J.5 of the M3 (literally just 15-20 mins' drive from Farnborough / Fleet / Basingstoke / Hook - and even less if you're in Odiham, Alton, South Warnborough or North Warnborough!)  By the time you add in the time, hassle and cost of town centre parking, you'll have already got to us (and you can park right opposite us and it's all freeeeee!)

Unlike other refill stores, we do the work for you - we'll weigh and measure out your required refills, pack them in suitable paper bags (or into your own containers if you prefer) and then you can take them home and decant them.  We think this is a more hygienic and sensible way to 'do' refills.  Alternatively:

2. Order online and choose click and collect - you're order will be all packed up and ready for you to collect from our store in South Warnborough!  Or:

3. Order online and choose UK delivery - we'll box up your yummy goodies and send them out to you by post.


Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Available click & collect time-slots / fast delivery.

How many of you (especially in the current environment and staying at home as much as possible) have struggled to get a reasonably fast delivery slot from a major supermarket?  Well, we offer both click & collect slots, as well as next-day delivery throughout the UK*.  'Nuff said.


We give you stuff!

You earn Naked Points every time you shop with us!  You'll earn 3 points with every £1 spent, and you'll get £1 off for every 100 points!  In addition, if you refer a friend, both you and your friend will receive a £10 thank-you from us, redeemable against your next qualifying order!

You're welcome.

You get to tell people you Shop Naked.

Hours of fun with that one. 

If you really want to make the point, you can get one of our jute bags* to proclaim to the world wherever you are, that you love shopping Naked. *Coming soon!

We're really nice people.

Yes indeedy we are. 

Although we might be scraping the bottom of the barrel by including that as a reason, but we thought you should know anyway.  If you make the switch and order from us rather than from a major supermarket, we'll think you're really nice too.

real footage.